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Indian Textile Art


In 2015 my 2 Quilts were  selected to showcase in Houston International Quilt Festival, USA.

This is Beautiful Rabari  Applique work in Traditional Embroidery with Mirror work.


#mirror work, #textile art, Appliqué, Hand Embroidery, Kantha, Rabari Ethnic Embroidery of India, Zardosi,Sequins,Bead and Stone Art

I will be teaching 6 Classes at Houston International Quilt Festival – November 2018

Below is list of 6 classes. Learn Ethnic Embroidery of Rabari Mirror Art and Piecing.

Learn Zardosi, Sequins, Bead, Stone work with appliqué

Learn Traditional Embroidery of Kantha with Mirror work with appliqué.









Rabari Ethnic Embroidery of India, Zardosi,Sequins,Bead and Stone Art

Glimpse of material used for Royal Embroidery of Zardosi…

Please see material used for Royal Embroidery of Zardosi: different types of Zardosi, Sequins, Stones, Beads and Zardosi Cutter (to cut metallic thread of Zardosi). Zari thread, machine threads and embroidery threads are used to do Zardosi work. After learning stitches of Zardosi, one can embellish dresses, bags and Quilt etc. Thanks.


#textile art, Ethnic Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Indian Tribal Painting, Kasuti (Kashida) - Karnataka, Rabari Ethnic Embroidery of India, Traditional Embroidery, Zardosi, Sequins, Kundan, Bead

Mugdha’s Embroidery Classes will be at Houstan International Quilt Festival.

Hello Friends,

You read it right. This year in November I will be taking classes at Houston International Quilt Festival. Last International classes were held in Chiba – Japan in 2015.
I am Fashion Designer, Quilter and 51 year young girl offer Ethnic Embroidery Classes, come from country with rich culture – India.
My forefathers were craftsmen.  I learned Embroidery in school.
I graduated in accounts from Mumbai University but my heart was always at Traditional and Ethnic Embroidery.
Later I took 2 years Diploma Course In Fashion Designing.
In India we have many states each have their own Ethnic Embroidery like Gujarat Rabari Mirror Art, Bengali Kantha, Royal Embroidery of Zardosi, Lakhnavi Chikankari, Punjabi Phulkari and different Tribal Painting like Warli, Madhubani, Gond etc
It’s great privilege to know Indian Tribal Paintings and Ethnic Embroidery. I love experimenting fusion of Tribal Painting and Ethnic embroidery with vintage lace, shells, mirrors, beads and bells in my Quilts.
My designs are Traditional as well as contemporary based on day to day Village Life, nature, Wedding and sculptures.
I love teaching Ethnic Embroidery, Quilting and Tribal Paintings.
I am global traveller and wherever I go I try to visit Museums, Art galleries, Craft shops, Cloth markets and local Bazaars.

Thank you very much for reading my blog do share with your friends.


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My ebook “Ethnic Embroidery of INDIA” with  Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AUOLIP2.

Celebration of Life Quilt

Kantha stitch in Tribal Article





#textile art, Hand Embroidery, Traditional Embroidery, Zardosi, Sequins, Kundan, Bead

Zardosi Wallhanging

This beautiful Wallhanging is made of raw silk and embellished with Pearls, Zardosi, Stones, Beads etc85362BB0-6A93-4476-BC78-65B565F669EB

Zardosi is considered as Royal Embroidery. In olden times Kings’ and Queens’ attire were embellished with Zardosi embroidery. Originally Zardosi was made of twisted metallic wire with pure silver and real gold leaves.
However today we use Zardosi made of metallic wire with golden or silver polish and many other colours.